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Rain of Char Live Wallpaper

Plano de fundo interativo Personalização
Developer: Siriuth

[How to use]Please set the display / wallpaper / live wallpaper from Android settings.(You can also generally be selected by Long tap the home screen.)For complaints and not open there were many, it was added activities that open from the launcher.
You may not be able to operate normally after the OS update.Please try to uninstall and reinstall the app once the case.
[Using permissions]This app does not perform the processing authority is required.The following have been used in the Analytics and AdMob of
[Comment]Thank you for your feedback.
[History]2016/09/29 1.2.13 Responding to not set the screen of live wallpaper device. Change icon.2016/09/26 1.2.12 Added activities that open from the launcher.2016/05/28 1.2.10 Firebase support.2015/12/10 1.2.5 Bugfix(Change draw method and Corresponding to the IllegalArgumentException at android 2.3.x) Change Icons.2015/12/07 1.2.4 Change the Initialize processing of live wallpaper. Resources of the adjustment.2015/12/05 1.2.3 Modification of code.2015/12/02 1.2.2 Modification of the processing timing of the setting activity etc.2015/10/11 1.2.1 Bug fixes.(When set to 0 to wait. )2015/10/10 1.2.0 Adjust the default value for each resolution.2015/10/10 1.1.9 bugfix Dealing with the occurrence of exception at android 2.3.2015/10/06 1.1.8 Change the drawing process.Add a hint of the setting screen.2015/10/05 1.1.7 Show value to the setting screen.Add a kind of blur.It spreads the range of blur. Change increments of waiting time to 10 milliseconds. When you set the max length value to 5 or less "M ver." Is Fixed a bug where an error. other minor bug fixes.2015/08/05 1.1.5 Minor bug fixes.2015/08/04 1.1.4 Change the brightness of the color. Add modifiable parameters.2015/08/02 1.1.3 Some output character we were able to be selected. Changed the display name. Changed the initial value.2015/07/21 1.1.2 application onCreate bugfix.add another version of experimentally drawing method.Change the display method of characters (Katakana).add a blur to the setting item.2015/06/03 1.0.3 bugfix and update for play-services 7.5.02015/05/23 1.0.2 bugfix bitmap recycle.2015/05/19 Release